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From the statutes of ESREA:

Statutes of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA)

TITLE ONE - Objectives-seat-members
Art.1 Objectives
ESREA is devoted to encourage and support the advancement of high quality research on the education of adults in the European countries.
a) The society intends to encourage co-operation in comparative research in the European context conceived in the broadest geographical terms.
b) The society will stimulate the development of research and the dissemination of research results in all areas of adult and continuing education.
c) The society will undertake activities to encourage the training of young researchers and the continuing professional development of researchers.
d) The society will seek to establish positive working relationships with other European organizations and with the appropriate national organizations.

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Areas of research


ESREA is made up of several networks who on a regular basis have meetings at which research around certain themes are being discussed. At the moment, ESREA has seven active networks, and each active network has a meeting every, or every second year. You will find more information about each network by clicking on the links below.

Information about the active networks

 ESREA Network on Access, Learning Careers and Identities

 ESREA Network on Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning

 ESREA Network on Adult Educator, Trainer and Professional Development

 ESREA Research Network on Working Life and Learning

 ESREA Network on Cross-cultural Influences in the History of European Adult Education

 ESREA Network on Gender and Adult Learning

 ESREA Network on Life History and Biographical Research

 ESREA Network on Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Development

Information about the non-active networks

 ESREA network on Migration, Ethnicity, Racism and Xenophobia

 ESREA network on Older Learners