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Membership of ESREA

Becoming a member of ESREA

Membership of ESREA

Membership of ESREA is open to all individuals and institutions engaged or interested in research on the education of adults and adult learning. PhD students are actively encouraged to become active individual members of ESREA.

Members of ESREA benefit from reduced registration fees for ESREA networks and conferences. PhD students are encouraged to participate in all the activities of ESREA. A limited number of bursaries are available to support PhD students at ESREA networks and conferences. The ESREA Scientific Committee has decided to award a prize for the best paper presented by a PhD student at the triennial conferences.

Members will also receive the ESREA newsletter several time each year with information on forthcoming ESREA activities, conferences and new books within the field of adult education and much more.

Membership fees for a year is:
Individual member = € 50
PhD student members = € 25 (PhD students who have full time positions as lecturers should pay the full membership fee)
Institutional members = € 150

To become a members of ESREA fill out the form available at the link below and send back to the secretariat according to the address on the form. When the application has been received, the secretary will send an invoice for the membership fee which should be paid within three weeks. Please note, Payment is only accepted through international (or EU) bank transfers. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES.

 Membership application form

How to become a member of ESREA

If you wish to become a member, the process is as follows:

1. Download the application document at  www.esrea.org

2. Fill out the form and e-mail it to:  andreas.fejes@liu.se

3. Within one or two weeks you will receive confirmation of your membership by e-mail



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ESREA promotes and disseminates theorectial and empirical research on the education of adults and adult learning in Europe through research networks, conferences and publications. Active members come from most parts of Europe.

The secretariat of ESREA is located at the department of behavioural sciences and learning at Linköping University in Sweden. ESREA is in legal terms a non-profit organization governed under Swedish law.