III International Seminar Esrea Network Between Global and Local - Adult Learning and Development
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Please fill in the registration form and send it to the conference organiser by May 4th.

The registration form is designed so that you can send it off to the conference organiser with one click. In addition, you can click to print out a copy for yourself.

If, however, you have a problem sending off the PDF form by clicking on the "send" button, you can download the registration form as a WORD DOC. Fill this out, send it as an attachment to  esrea09@ovgu.de and print a copy for yourself.

Please bring a copy of your registration form, together with proof of payment of the conference fee to registration in Magdeburg on Thursday 28th May. This is very important in order that bank delays and errors can be explained and unnecessary confusion and anxiety can be avoided for all.

Details of how to make your payment are on the second page of the registration form. Payments can only be accepted through European (or international) bank transfer. You will find the IBAN/SWIFT/BIC information you need in order to pay on the registration form.

You are asked on the registration form to specify whether you are a PhD student, an ESREA member or a non-member in order to establish the amount you have to pay (€50,-, €140,- and €160,- respectively). You will understand that your personal details may be passed by the conference organiser to the ESREA Secretariat in order to ensure that those claiming ESREA membership have paid their membership fees.


Download  HERE the registration form as a WORD DOC

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